ADA Suikei Creator #05 Hayato Ochi

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Continue to have ambitions and aim to create memorable works as a professional

Turning point in life
Being a part of the production of “Forests Underwater” at Oceanário de Lisboa in late January, 2015 was a big turning point in my life as a Suikei creator. Around that time, I just joined the company, and I clearly remember that I got there feeling excited and terrified at the same time because it was the first time I worked with the ADA team. But once the production began, the composition was made in leaps and bounds as there was absolutely no time for feeling nervous. As Amano accurately ordered where to place driftwood in an instant without any hesitation, I thought he was out of this world. Those pieces of driftwood in the aquarium tank were as if they looked created by Mother Nature. It was the moment I experienced the Nature Aquarium philosophy, “Create Nature”. The aquascape under the theme of “Recreation of River” is one of the Nature Aquarium masterpieces where we can follow stories created all over the aquarium tank as we walk through the area. In my view of Nature Aquarium, the masterpiece is indispensable for me. Even still now, when I reach some milestones or when I feel stuck, I think about it while listening to the original theme song. I created 4 W180cm aquarium tanks at Atre Urawa in November, the same year as this experience, became a maintenance staff for Nature Aquarium exhibited at the Sumida Aquarium, and now I am in charge of maintaining the large aquarium tanks every day.
Memorable Lisbon
At the “Forests Underwater” site, it was intense, but I learned Amano’s work style directly from him. It’s been utilized in my current work.
Difficulty of maintaining aquascapes
How can we maintain aquatic plants in healthy and beautiful condition? It is a basic part of Nature Aquarium, but I think it is the most difficult matter in the long-term maintenance.  Because various factors, such as lighting hours, water conditions, CO2 dosages, balance of nutrients and soil conditions, are complicatedly intertwined, and aquatic plants are growing as the balance changes every second. And it is necessary to do maintenance according to senses based on the ideal maintenance and experience as observing the balance. As a result, when I can successfully maintain and grow aquatic plants in good condition, I feel over the moon. More difficult the conditions are, bigger the satisfaction becomes when solved. At the Sumida Aquarium, besides conditions with normal size aquarium tanks, other various conditions are added. The difficulty of maintenance work due to the depth of water is one of them. A simple task, just cutting only one leaf could become significantly difficult in a super large aquarium tank.  The most difficult task is growing Glossostigma in the W7m aquarium tank. When I became in charge of the maintenance work at the Sumida Aquarium, I wasn’t satisfied with the condition of Glossostigma. So I tried so many things from adjusting water with a cation filter and dosages of additives to timing and frequency for trimming. And now I’m able to maintain them in much better condition (please come see it yourself!). But, I’m not saying I am completely satisfied with it. I devote myself to get better every day with a motto, “Better and more beautiful”. It is simple, but I think it is important.
Daily work at the Sumida Aquarium
The maintenance for the massive aquarium tank located in the entrance is done every night. The daily persistent effort is the one that supports the beauty of the aquascape.
Thoughts in the maintenance work
Of course, I hope that the existing Nature Aquarium masterpieces created by Amano will be kept as aquascapes. Moreover, I would be happy if the aquascapes give chances to feel nature and to think about nature even a little bit to people when they see the aquascapes. There are so many repeat visitors at the Sumida Aquarium where I do maintenance work. However, there are also many first-timers, and it might be the first and last Nature Aquarium experience they would have when they visit for the first time. I always do maintenance work, hoping to leave an imprint on their heart.
Work at Atre Urawa Pronto
The aquascape installed to a restaurant enhances the ambiance in the restaurant. It is a fantastic opportunity for many people to find out and experience Nature Aquarium.
“The vitality of Ryumon Sugi”
Observing where ferns and mosses grow while walking in nature helps me find hints for layouts as well as compositions.

Hayato Ochi
Joined ADA after working in an aquarium shop. He recently becomes keen on rearing Oryzias, and changing water is a part of his daily routine after working over night at the Sumida Aquarium. Professional and private life is becoming borderless these days.