ADA EVENT REPORT : Nature Aquarium Festival 2024

ADA EVENT REPORT : Nature Aquarium Festival 2024

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
Nature Aquarium Festival 2024, hosted by ADA distributor in India, Still Water Aquatics, was held over 3 days from February 23rd in Bangalore, a city in southern India famous for its IT industry.

ADA was able to participate in the festival this year, which has been held annually since 2017. With its warm climate and huge numbers of young people, Bangalore is a city experiencing rapid population growth (and traffic!), even by India’s standards, which now has the world’s largest population. From the progress of high-rise and subway construction, and by seeing the types of cars passing us and the rows of new buildings, we were able to get a feeling of India’s economic growth compared to when we visited before the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, the sad reality of that progress was also visible in the deforestation that goes with it.
The day after the first day’s event, SUIKEI CREATOR Daichi Araki conducted a one day workshop titled ADA LAB ssp. BANGALORE. After an on-stage demonstration, participants had a chance to create their own paludariums using DOOA Glass Pot SHIZUKU, which the hundred-or-so enthusiasts finished skillfully. There were first-timers amongst them, eagerly taking notes whilst listening to Araki’s passionate explanations.
After completing the workshop the participants were issued with certificates before Araki demonstrated a System Paluda 60 layout creation, in which he conjured up the atmosphere of a tropical rainforest using all sorts of plant types.
On the 3rd day, in a different venue, a W1200 aquascape production was performed whilst being projected on a large screen. Like the previous day, around a hundred participants enjoyed Araki’s demonstration, which he performed whilst answering a multitude of questions, from “what is your favorite part of aquascape creation?” and “how is nutrient addition and CO2 concentration managed in the 40M tank at the Oceanario de Lisboa?” to “what Indian food do you like?”
The completed concave composition layout is set to be managed in the India distributor’s showroom, which is open to the public. Please do visit if you have the chance!
The three day event was then rounded off with the awards ceremony for TGIAC, one of the IAPLC authorized contests.

Also it was a significant event for promoting upcoming products like CELL and KUMU. The response to the world’s first public demonstration of CELL was excellent. The Indian market, with so many plant species available, is vibrant and full of potential. We hope more sales activities as stimulating as this come our way again.
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