Ryuji OgawaRyuji Ogawa
ADA develops various lineups of NA, DOOA, and living products. In this section, we will share the writer’s favorite GOODS beyond boundaries of each genre.
Guideline for what you can’t see
COis invisible to the eye, so it is difficult to know how much CO2 is being dissolved and how much is being consumed by aquatic plants. This product provides a guideline for the appropriate amount of CO2 to be added, which is not visible to the naked eye, by using colors. It is possible to judge whether the amount of CO2 added is appropriate or not by the change in color of the reagent contained in the reagent ball. The size of the gas inlet is important to efficiently promote this color reaction. This is because the reaction will be slow if the contact area between the reagent and the aquarium water is small. I like the flared skirt-like gas inlet, which is not only a design feature but also a shape that enhances functionality. This unique shape, which is based on a unique purpose, can also be seen in the packaging, which is available with a special window. I also like the fact that this glassware allows its users to see the visual appearance as if it were a glass art piece and the image when it is installed to an aquarium. I like Drop Checker for its performance as a guide for appropriate CO2 addition for aquatic plants and tropical fish, its concept that can be visually recognized by its color, its design that is fun to install and look at, and even its packaging.