ADA Suikei Creator #04 Daisuke Inoue

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Set a goal, create aquascapes and let the world know the knowledges and charms

Knowledges I learned by filming videos of aquascapes
My main job is usually filming videos and editing them. So originally, I wasn’t the one creating aquascapes, but rather I was the one filming aquascapes. The reason why I became a Suikei creator was because watching how Takashi Amano created aquascapes through video cameras had a great effect on me. Because I closely filmed videos of Amano and edited those videos, I had a chance to naturally learn Takashi Amano’s layout techniques and his aquascaping tips, and actually became interested in creating aquascapes. So now, I create aquascapes, film them, edit them and stream videos on ADA view. Nowadays, because there are more demands for videos, I create 4K videos of aquascapes and videos for events. However, I try producing them after carefully considering what the goals are for those videos.
Rough sketches of aquascape images
Before creating an aquascape each time, I write out concepts, themes and rough sketches and clarify my thoughts.
“A fresh water stream”
It is important to come up with concepts and themes before creating aquascapes. This aquascape was created with a concept of expressing a clear stream in summer in the full scale. There are reasons for everything from placing stones to planting.


Expressing my own aquascapes
When I started creating aquascapes as a Suikei creator, I was very particular about how cool compositions look, color tones of aquatic plants and how good they look. Nevertheless, I felt so much pressure to create good works when creating aquascapes at the Nature Aquarium Gallery, and there were times when I was so nervous about the quality of my aquascapes. But I realized that having goals for good aquascapes or improving the quality was too obscure. And I eventually changed the method to setting themes that I want to express as goals. By setting clear goals, I worry less when creating, and I am more capable of making right judgments whether finished works have achieved my goals or not. It can be imagined as “countless dots are connected with lines heading for another dot set as a goal”. I personally think that kind of aquascapes is the good aquascape. What I learned from Amano is that it is important for creators to be able to explain about aquascapes we create. I often get questions such as why I use particular composition materials and aquatic plants, or why it is that particular composition. If my answer was it’s because they looked cool, it doesn’t sound very convincing. Therefore, I thoroughly think how I can explain everything. The aquascapes I can explain mean that I manage to express my themes. And I personally feel that they become great aquascapes that people can understand what I’m trying to express just by looking at them. I feel that the aspects of creating aquascapes are similar to the designing process of logo design or poster design.
Days of editing work
I’m always busy making efforts for the editing work for streaming videos on ADA view regularly.
Letting the world know the charms of aquatic plants
The ADA Suikei creators always discipline ourselves in pursuit of new ways of expressions. As hobbyists around the world pay attention to layouts created by the Suikei creators, my another role is to always think what aspects of aquascapes I should convey, or how I can make it look more charming in terms of video productions, and send the information to the world.
Creator Meeting
Before creating  aquascapes for the NA Gallery and events, the Suikei creators gather together and check the directions.
Create and let the world know
I try to think outside the box without being caught up in preconceived ideas. I would like to convey the joy to create.

Daisuke Inoue
Loves movies. Favorite is a type of mystery movies collecting hints. His hobby includes electric guitar, and loves remodeling such as exchanging parts, upgrading electrical systems and paintings. Basically likes to stay indoors and acknowledges that there are only little chances to be in nature.