ADA PRODUCTS -The theory of evolution- #3. CO2 COUNTER SYSTEM & TIMER SYSTEM

Ryuji OgawaRyuji Ogawa
CO₂ Counter was developed to measure the safe amount of CO₂ to be added to an aquarium tank, and a timer was developed to automate the daily addition of CO₂. Let us introduce the evolution of the CO₂ counter and timer.

Establishment of an index for the CO2 amount added

The amount of CO₂ added was measured to ensure that photosynthesis of aquatic plants would be active and that the amount of CO₂ added would not be excessive for shrimp and other sensitive organisms. CO₂ Bubble Counter is made of glass to be installed as an aquarium peripheral device, and the current shape was adopted so that the size of bubbles can be easily counted. CO₂ Beetle Counter was developed to measure bubbles in larger size for large aquarium tanks that require much more CO₂. The internal glass plate rolls are handcrafted by craftsmen and designed with a beautiful and unique spiral structure. Similarly, the CO₂ Twist Counter, which facilitates addition measurement, can practically count the amount of  CO₂ by incorporating a special spiral glass piece.
COBubble Counter
The origin model of the counter, which became the basis for the terms, one bubble per second.
COBeetle Counter
The uniquely designed product made it easy to count even with the CO₂ amount for large aquarium tanks.
Pollen Glass EZ
Pollen Glass with a capillary tube inside the body to measure the amount of drop.
COTwist Counter
The spiral shape of this model allows easy and stylish measurement of the CO₂ addition amount.

Automated photosynthesis promotion system

The NA Control Timer is not a simple timer that turns the power on and off. The NA Control Timer II has a redesigned aluminum body and improved operability with a dial-type setter. Power Cord S-70 is a product developed in line with the improved IoT technology, which enables smart and ideal operation. The Power Cord S-70 is also designed for precise maintenance of DOOA system aquariums, with ADA’s unique setting having 70 routines programmable. The use of a special metal cover prevents water damage to the power supply unit.
Control Timer
The first timer that enabled the automation of CO₂ addition.
NA Control Timer
This model automated lighting, CO₂ addition, and nighttime aeration.
NA Control Timer II
This model has a simplified timer pin, and can switch frequencies with a single unit.
Power Cord S-70
Smart power strip with built-in timer function operated by app.
EL Valve
Timer control of CO₂ addition is possible when used together with Power Cord S-70 (Launched in 1995).