Aqua Soil - Amazonia, which has been popular and commonly used as a standard substrate for Nature Aquarium since its launch in 1996, is out of stock due to a shortage of its raw material of natural black soil and its peculiar production process, therefore, it is very difficult to sell Amazonia continuously now.

We keep working on securing the material and reviewing the production process, but it is not possible to mention certain date when the sale of the product will be resumed. Moreover, there is a possibility that the production and supply of the soil to the markets will be strictly limited and it may not be stably marketed like before in the future.

For a time, natural black soil Aqua Soil – Amazonia II and the black soil-based, natural color Aqua Soil – Amazonia Light are set as basic soil for Nature Aquarium and market through ADA distributors. Although Amazonia II and Light contain less nutrients than Aqua Soil – Amazonia, they are equally effective for growing healthy aquatic plants when used with ADA’s nutrient products, including Power Sand, Bottom Plus, and Green Brighty liquid fertilizers. Also, ADA will develop a new nutrient-rich soil products similar to the Amazonia soil and meet a demand from consumers.