TOP OF THE WORLD 2020 #06 Jheng Yu Lyu

TOP OF THE WORLD 2020 #06 Jheng Yu Lyu

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal


Jheng Yu Lyu
Chinese Taipei / Leaping through time
Aquarium Size W120×D60×H50(cm)
Bolbitis heudelotii
Trichomanes auriculatum BI.
Microsorum sp.‘Trident Mini’
Taxiphyllum barbieri
Riccardia chamedryfolia
Anubias barteri var. nana ‘Petite’
Bucephalandra sp.
Ranunculus inundatus
Hemianthus callitrichoides ‘Cuba’
Marsilea hirsute
Pogostemon helferi
Rotala mexicana ‘Goias’
Rotala sp.

Gnathocharax steindachneri
Rasbora trilineata
Otocinclus sp.


The planted aquarium will progress further as art

Age: 40 years old
Occupation: Aquarium Shop Manager
Years of experience in the aquarium hobby: 4 years
Any other hobbies besides aquarium: Bowling, Keeping pets
Record of awards in the past IAPLC:
IAPLC2018         9th
IAPLC2019         28th
AJ Tell us what you wanted to express with your layout work; layout theme, motif, ideas behind your winning work.

A picture my mountain climbing friend took gave me a creative hint. I wanted to express the way large pieces of driftwood lying down in valleys and ravines. A large piece of driftwood in the middle is the main element in this work, creating the three dimensional effect in the space and the contrast. Also, I divided the aquascape into 3 sections with this piece of driftwood. A wide variety of aquatic plants are planted in the foreground, and there is a small path under the big tree in the mid-ground, and then ferns are covering all over the steep mountains. I created a scene as if mountains continue endlessly until they finally disappear. It was the first time I tried making a curved path going towards the rear that disappears at the end. In the beginning of the layout production, I just thought about a main composition, and got more ideas later. I gave tweaks to the layout as I went while thinking about what would work best for materials and aquatic plants based on the techniques.
Landscape photographs are good hints for layouts.
AJ What was the most difficult aspect of creating and maintaining this layout work?

In addition to a large number of Ryuoh Stones piled up, the lighting is strong this time. As the result, it became impossible for me to control algae in the right upper part for 2 months. The whole mountains were covered with algae, everything was in green, and the mountains were indistinguishable mixed with the color of moss and aquatic plants. I was forced to be in the overwhelming situation. To cope with the situation, once a month, I removed the algae by regularly lowering the water level and applying some citric acid to the stones. What’s interesting was that as I got closer to completing the aquascape, I wanted to keep the algae as much as possible. I felt that especially if the mountain in the back had a little algae, it would be more natural.
The piece of driftwood in the middle is a very important element.
AJ What fascinates or attracts you the most about the planted aquarium hobby?

What is appealing to me is that natural scenery can be recreated in an aquarium tank just as a creator sees it in nature as art. Natural materials with different expressions such as stones and driftwood greatly affect the ambience of the aquascape with various aquatic plants and fish. If there are aquarium tanks at home, clinics, restaurants and public facilities, people will be attracted to the beauty of aquascapes, and stop by to see the beautiful aquascapes. I suppose the planted aquarium will further develop for both artistically and business-wise in the future.


AJ What kind of aquascape do you want to create in the future? Do you have any dreams relating to the aquarium hobby?

I created forest themed works 3 years in a row. I’m satisfied with the outcomes, but I think I’m still lacking in controlling the aquatic plant placement and condition. Participants from Brazil are handling these 2 points very well, and their works give me such a pleasant feeling. So I would like to research more and create a Brazilian style aquascape in the future. My dream is to grow my small shop to be a hot spot where all Suikei creators in Taiwan to visit with my effort. I would like to share my knowledge and understanding with my friends in and out of Taiwan.


AJ What do you think about the IAPLC?

Needless to say, the IAPLC is the greatest of all international planted aquarium contests. It is extremely hard for Suikei creators from all over the world to compete fiercely for the highest honor and win a prize. Every year, astonishing works are entered in the contest. It’s a great honor to have my work in a contest like this. This year is my 3rd time participating in the IAPLC. I received Honor Prize (9th place), Winning Work (28th place), and Bronze Prize (6th place) this year. I am so grateful that the IAPLC expanded my world. Because of the IAPLC, I am able to communicate with aquarists around the world and enjoy the hobby joyfully. I would like to keep participating in the contest and creating many great works every year.