Mizukusa FOCUS ‘Soon to Be Liquid Culture Medium’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
Solid Medium
For the current solid medium, the medium must be removed when planting.
Liquid Medium
For the liquid medium, there is some liquid with nutrients in a cup, and aquatic plants grow with the liquid. The aquatic plants can be separated in small bunches and planted as they are.
Currently, the solid medium are used for the most of the BIO Mizukusa No Mori lineup. But Eleocharis parvula and Rotala rotundifolia green have already been switched to the liquid medium style. The big difference of the liquid medium is that there is no need to remove the solid medium when planting. We have received favorable comments from actual users that they are easy to use without spending time for removing the solid culture. Even though it might be a small effort, but when actually planting, it makes such a big difference. Until now, we had to take aquatic plants from cups, then remove solid medium in containers filled with water. But it is such a big progress to be able to directly plant immediately after taking out from the cups. From the liquid medium series, Mizukusa No Mori, Cryptocoryne axelrodi, C. wendtii ‘Green’ and C. wendtii ‘Tropica’ are scheduled to be released. Other types of aquatic plants will be switched to liquid medium style soon as needed. Please stay tuned.