NATURE IN THE GLASS ‘Old Trees and Sprouting’ Part 2

Vitality of eternity and nature expressed with undulated driftwood and Sansui Stones

This layout was created under the themes of 2 different flows of time such as an aspect of nature remained unchanged since ancient times, and the other one as an aspect of new born nature. To put these themes into practice, first, vitality of nature continued to live for a long time was expressed for the composition as a base. What helped me as a reference was scenery of Yakushima Island. Trunks and branches of Yaku cedars over 1000 years old are undulated significantly, and they continue to live being covered with moss and epiphytes. The aspect of such old trees was expressed with pieces of old undulated driftwood and some moss. And the scenery of Yakushima Island is expressed by arranging some Sansui Stones with moss attached around the driftwood. Although some cosmetic sands were spread in the front area, these Sansui Stones also serve in the role of dividing the cosmetic sands from Aquasoil in the back.
Expressing vitality with undulation of driftwood
Expressing the vitality of old trees living for a long time using pieces of undulated driftwood. Arrange some driftwood in the empty aquarium tank, put rough ideas together for the composition. Place stones under the driftwood and adjust the height.
Place some Sansui Stones with moss winded
I winded some moss around the Sansui Stones in advance and used those for arranging them into stone hedge shapes. By doing so, moss would spread out all over the stone hedge and give a lush impression.
Power Sand in the planting space
Because the stone hedge in the back where the Sansui Stones were arranged would be a space for planting stemmed plants, I spread some Power Sand.
Attach some moss onto the driftwood
In order to express old trees covered with moss, attach moss on the entire drift-wood. Spread the moss thinly and wind Moss Cotton. In order to keep moss from drying, make sure to hydrate them by spraying water often.
Cosmetic Sand to make the most of a space
In order to make the most of the space under the driftwood in the middle, create a space with some cosmetic sands in the elevated place of the inner centered location. By displaying the difference of elevation, the substrate became three dimensional, and a space spread far could be expressed.
Planting aquatic plants in the back
For the background, by planting stemmed plants A and tape like aquatic plants B alternately, I expressed the 2 themes living together. The tape like aquatic plants gave an impression of plants continuing to live there, and the stemmed plants were chosen to give an impression of new plants sprouting.
Expressing vines with Hydrocotyle leucocephala
By tucking some Hydrocotyle leucocephala between pieces of driftwood with moss attached and stones, vines tangled on old trees and rocks are expressed. Hydrocotyle leucocephala are spreading out vigorously.
Securing small spaces for planting
By making small stone hedges, several planting spaces were secured, and it prevented the placements of aquatic plants becoming too monotonous. Deep green colored Lilaeopsis ‘Novae zelandiae’ were planted in an image of undergrowth plants covering the ground of a forest.