ADA EVENT REPORT ‘Takashi Amano Exhibition: For All Who Love Nature’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
In this AJ, we are featuring 2 events held this summer and aquascapes exhibited at the events. First, from “Takashi Amano Exhibition” held at Niigata Isetan, because of being held during summer break, it was a great success. Let us report some of the exciting moments from the event.
This event was held in commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Niigata Isetan Department Store. The exhibition was extensively held on 3 different floors. The above photo shows the entrance area on the 2nd floor.
Appearing of a fusion space of Mother Nature and aquascapes

From the 7th to the 19th of August for 13 days, “Takashi Amano Exhibition: For All Who Love Nature” was held at Niigata Isetan. Because it was held during summer break along with Japanese National Holidays, 13,000 people visited the event. Looking back memories of Takashi Amano’s creative journeys as it had been 4 years since his passing, this exhibition was planned with a hope for spreading his wish which is “I would like many people to have interests in nature as much as possible”.
7F Amano’s favorite large format cameras were exhibited in the main event hall. So many photograph masterpieces of scenery and aquascapes were taken by these large format cameras.

The three dimensional exhibits to enhance the charms of Amano’s works

His own collections of masterpieces from all over the world. Because of their uniqueness, they attracted many visitors’ interests.
Along with the ecological scenic photographs, folk crafts associated with the areas were also exhibited. They realistically brought the local atmospheres.

Scenery and aquascape, approaching Amano’s 2 creative careers

Actual Nature Aquariums were exhibited at the venue. They received great reputations from many visitors.
Many episodes about the creative journeys were also this event’s highlights.
Videos of the creative journeys were screened, and private photos were also exhibited in the special event hall on the 6F.