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Bringing Echinodorus’s beauty close to you

Echinodorus is an Alismataceae plant native to South America, and it is well-known in the history of aquatic plants in hobby, and there are no aquatic plants that are so loved in the world like both original Echinodorus sp. and improved varieties. Among them, the Horemanii species (a variation of Uruguayensis academically) is Echinodorus with a beautiful shape of the underwater deep green leaf, which has a transparency and a distinctive vein. It is relatively easy to grow Echinodorus, but it is a pity that there are few opportunities to see it. Here, we use a light colored Tropical River Sand to enhance the deep green color of Echinodorus. Because Tropical River Sand does not contain nutrients, use of Bottom Plus is used.  One or two weeks after planting, at the timing when the roots have been developed, break the Bottom Plus into three and deeply bury it in three places about 3 cm away from the plant. After that, decide the number and place of additional Bottom Plus according to the growth condition. It grows even without the supply of CO2. It is easy to control the size, and the plant does not become large by the controlled supply of fertilization and keeping the substrate not so deep, and fits well inside Neo Glass Air.
Neo Glass Air W15 x D15 x H30 (cm)
Neo Glass Cover 15 x 15 (cm)

Tropical River Sand

Echinodols Horemanii Green “Red edge”

Creator / Kota Iwahori