Mizukusa FOCUS “New form”

Mizukusa FOCUS “New form”

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“New form”

BIO Mizukusa no Mori is safe and secure tissue-cultured aquatic plants with no mixture of algae and snail, and no-use of pesticides, and it is usable immediately after purchase. It is a popular product which demand is increasing, but many people may find it difficult to remove the culture medium attached to aquatic plants. This time I will introduce our research project carried out to eliminate such time and effort.
Tissue culture is generally performed using a solid medium, but the disadvantage is that it is troublesome removing the medium when planting. However, even when trying to cultivate aquatic plants in liquid culture medium, there were problems of aquatic plant growth was not stable or aquatic plants were shaken during transportation. Through repeated research, even in liquid media, aquatic plants can now be cultured in a firmly rooted state on the bottom of the cup. Turning the cup upside down will not overturn the aquatic plants, nor will the aquatic plants be shaken during transport. At first we started researching from undergrowth, but now we’re getting good results with stemmed plants, and Cryptocoryne.
The growth of the root is also firm and there is no problem with the quality.
Below are Eleocharis parvula of liquid culture medium. There is no medium left in the aquatic plants after splitting.
There is no need to remove the medium, and you can plant as it is.

We are currently experimenting with the undergrowth aquatic plants, and planning to release the plants in liquid culture medium from this spring.