NEO GLASS AIR STYLE ‘Longing For the Natural Habitat’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
In the tropical cloud forests of South America, there are trees whose branches are loaded with all kinds of epiphytes, such as mosses, ferns, bromelias and orchids.  I pictured such a scene in my mind while creating this piece.  With a combination of Terra Base L and Neo Glass Air W30×D30×H45 (cm), you can grow epiphytes that may look too big for Terra Base S and M and create a more dynamic layout.  Here, Lepanthes saltatrix unfolds its leaves and blooms pretty flowers. The air plant at the edge of the Terra Base is a small epiphytic orchid called Phymatidium tillandsioides. By adding vine ferns, the image of a tree trunk is further enhanced. It’s a lot of fun to recreate plants’ natural habitat, far away from you, with Terra Base.
DOOA Neo Glass Air W30×D30×H45(cm)
Clear Glass Cover for 30×30(cm)
DOOA Terra Base L

Barbosella handroi
Lepanthes calodictyon
Phymatidum tillandsioides
Lepanthes saltatrix
Cischweinfia sheehaniae
Humata repens
Wabi-Kusa Mat  Taxiphyllum sp.

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