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The waterside plants perfect for novices

The Lagenandra family featured in this issue doesn’t really have colorful impacts or distinguish leaf shapes, but they are the type of aquatic plants that we can feel its charms by actually being around them for a long time. Because they are Araceae aquatic plants same as Cryptocoryne, it seems that they are for experts at a glance. But because their leaves are hard to melt than Cryptocoryne, and they are very hardy without complicated cultivation conditions, they are recommended especially for novices. Many of the Lagenandra family are distributed in South Asia, mainly India. Because they densely grow at the waterside where there is a fluctuation of water level in the natural habitats, they are all around players that work well not only in aquarium but also aqua terrarium and high humid paludarium.

Vigorous wild appearance in the natural habitat

Lagenandra ovata seen at a stream in the southeast of India. They were densely growing at a shoal.

Spathes, a special characteristic of Aracaea are attractive

The spathes grow above water, and the unique shapes are must see. (L. Silver)


The tranquil presence with leaves quietly spread in the shadow of the stemmed plants

Lagenandra that don’t need strong light create “Yin” in a layout


A great match with Asian fish glowed in amber

By combining small fish from the Southeast Asia and the South Asia close to the natural habitats, the ambiance becomes more natural.