ADA Review ‘Introducing ADA living plant products with Lagenandra’

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3 different product forms available based on layout styles

Lagenandra, naturally distributed in Sri Lanka and India, is a member of the family Araceae and a close relative of Cryptocoryne. It may not be commonly seen in the market, but one of its species was newly described in 2018, making it a fresh and attractive aquatic plant. In this article we will introduce Lagenandra, conveniently available from ADA’s living plant products.

Wabi-Kusa Lagenandra MIX
It uses Lagenandra as the main plan and combines with Eleocharis acicularis which spreads over the substrate and flowering Utricularia graminifolia. This combination of aquatic plants makes it easier to manage and grow for a long period of time. In addition, it demonstrates charms of Lagenandra in a variety of ways, from growing it underwater to on a Wabi-Kusa hanger. The species of Lagenandra used for Wabi-Kusa changes seasonally, and are selected from 5 to 8 hardy species native to southwest India.
Wabi-Kusa Lagenandra MIX
Because these Wabi-Kusa products are shipped when they are nicely grown, the leaves will grow largely and flowering buds can be enjoyed.

BIO Mizukusa-no-Mori

Here are 3 popular species recommended for Nature Aquarium. Their size is handy for small as well as large tanks, and they grow easily without melting after planting.
BIO Mizukusa-no-Mori
Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Green’
BIO Mizukusa-no-Mori
Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Red’
BIO Mizukusa-no-Mori
Lagenandra keralensis

Jungle Plants (LC Cup)

The Jungle Plants series offers easily grown plants available in cups for aquascaping use. These plants, sold in the LC Cup, are great items for large aquarium layouts. Additionally, they are perfect for terrariums and the Mizukusa Mist Wall using Wabi-Kusa Mats, because they can quickly adapt to terrestrial environments.
Jungle Plants Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Green’
Jungle Plants Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Red’
Jungle Plants Lagenadra keralensis
Jungle Plants Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Vinay chandra’

Currently ADA offers Lagenandra in three product forms, such as Wabi-Kusa, BIO Mizukusa-no-Mori, and the Jungle Plants series. Lagenandra shares some characteristics in common with Cryptocoryne; they are both highly tolerant of shade, and their leaves are slightly stiff but don’t melt easily. The overall appearance of these rosulate plants also looks very similar. For this reason, Lagenandra can be used as a main plant for small aquariums, or as a substitute planted in shades of driftwood in the layout middle ground where Cryptocoryne is traditionally planted. It is also suitable for cultivation above water on the walls. So, please choose your favorite from these three product forms according to the layout style.