DOOA SYSTEM PALUDA 60 ‘Reproduce the Environment of Tropical Cloud Forests with Blue Tinted Light and Mist’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal

Grow jungle plants in a fun and free way

It was considered difficult to grow epiphytic orchids, begonias and other jungle plants in paludariums because they require special growth conditions. The System Paluda products have solved this problem.

Realizing the most efficient system for paludariums

Combining System Paluda with Paluda Light and Circulation Fan 40, controlled by Power Cord S-70, you can build an optimal paludarium system.

Creator / Kota Iwahori
1. DOOA Paluda Light 60
2. DOOA System Paluda 60 W60×D30×H45 (cm)
3. DOOA Mistflow + Mistflow cap
4. DOOA Circulation Fan 40
5.  Metal Cabinet 60 (Black)
6. Power Cord  S-70



Light & humidity – the keys for growing jungle plants successfully

Jungle plants, which grow naturally in tropical cloud forests, shimmer in blue or red hues when the leaves are sufficiently moistened and illuminated by the Paluda Light. Brilliant leaves are the sign of a healthy plant.

Creator/ Yusuke Homma
Circulation Fan 40
The mist generated from the Mistflow is spread across the paludarium cage by the operating fan, and maintains a high humidity environment that is especially important for jungle plants.
Power Cord S-70
Mistflow needs to operate in conjunction with the circulation fan in short cycles in order to achieve both the appropriate humidity and appearance of the cage. The Power Cord S-70 makes this possible.
1. DOOA Paluda Light  30
2. DOOA System Paluda  30  W30×D30×H45(cm)
3. DOOA Mistflow + Mistflow Cap
4. DOOA Circulation Fan 40
5. Cube Cabinet Clear
6. Power Cord S-70