NA SYSTEM ‘To Maximize the Beauty of Aquascapes’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal

Sophisticated Standard System

ADA’s aquarium tank systems of Nature Aquarium are unified with a simple design not to spoil the beauty of aquascapes.
The performance and design have become sophisticated steadily without any extra embellishment.

W90cm aquarium tank to expand the range of creativity

In a W 90cm aquarium that has a sufficient capacity, there is no limit to materials or aquatic plants available for use, and a creative range could be expanded as well. Its peripheral equipments are fully available, and it is suitable for creating a full scale aquascape.
1. Solar RGB
2. Solar RGB Arm Stand
3. Cube Garden W90×D45×H45 (cm)
4. Light Screen 90
5. Wood Cabinet Metallic Silver W90×D45×H70 (cm)
6. CO2 Tower
7. CO2 Attache Regulator
8. NA Control Timer Ⅱ
9. Pollen Glass Large 30Ø (CO2)
10. CO2 Beetle Counter
11. Super Jet Filter ES-600 (for H45cm, Lily Pipe P-4/Ø13, New Lily Pipe V-5/Ø13)
12. NA Thermometer (J-10WH)


The latest W60cm aquarium tank system

The W60cm aquarium tank that has been the most popular tank in Japan for a long time is suitable for creating a Nature Aquarium for the first time.
Aquasky RGB vividly illuminating aquatic plants
It is the latest lighting system with RGB LED lights, the same as Solar RGB. Besides growing healthy and beautiful aquatic plants, aquatic plants can be enjoyed with brighter colors.
Metal Cabinet that is solid as well as visually fun
Metal Cabinet is the latest cabinet for W60cm aquarium tanks. The strength and fun visual effects are well-executed with the original plane architecture. An aquar-ium tank on the cabinet seems to be floating in the air depending on the angles.
1. Aquasky RGB 60
2. Cube Garden W60×D30×H36 (cm)
3. Light Screen 60
4. Metal Cabinet 60 Silver W60×D30×H70 (cm)
5. CO2 Advance System Forest
6. Clear Stand for CO2 System 74
7. NA Control Timer Ⅱ
8. Super Jet Filter ES-600 (for H36cm, Lily Pipe P-2/Ø13, New Lily Pipe V-3/Ø13)
9. NA Thermometer (J-06WH)