Aqua Journal this month features largely two summer events and their aquascape exhibits.
“Takashi Amano Exhibition: For All Who Love Nature” held at the Niigata Isetan Department Store in Niigata, Japan. The exhibition showcased a series of Amano’s photographs and the aquascapes made by ADA Suikei creators, and it was greatly received by visitors. The article presents an overview of the design and creation of one of the exhibited aquascapes, that is characterized by its striking wood work.  
The other event titled “Kata No Kioku Exhibition (Memories of a Marshland Exhibition)” is being held at Sakyukan in Niigata through October 6th. It exhibits Amano’s photographic work as well as aquascapes and a variety of waterfront plants, with contributions from ADA. We will introduce aquascapes created in a W90cm tank and System Aqua 30 among these displays.

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