From DOOA which suggests new ways to enjoy aquatic plants, 2 useful new products for layout productions such as aqua terrarium and paludarium will be released.

Terra Tape is a self-adherent water retentive tape product for keeping from drying out by winding it around driftwood and creating an appropriate environment for growing epiphytes such as moss. Please wind it around driftwood while leaving its end in the water and put some moss on top of the tape in the area above water for aqua terrarium and paludarium. 

Terra Line is a special thread product for securing plants such as epiphytic orchids to driftwood enabling it to secure without melting and breaking in the water. Because it is synthetic fiber, it will not be melt or broken even if it’s used in watery areas. So it is possible to firmly secure plants with less rooting ability and plants that need a lot of time to take roots.

These new products offer more ways to enjoy aqua terrarium, paludarium and planted aquarium. Please utilize them along with the other existing DOOA products.

DOOA Terra Tape

DOOA Terra Line