In this AJ, we will be featuring IWAGUMI layout which is one of the most popular layout styles. 
In the first section, we start with IWAGUMI Field Report by a SUIKEI creator, Yusuke Homma. While he takes photos of Sasagawa Nagare and Mizunashi River in Niigata where he had visited with his master, Takashi Amano, he fondly reflects Amano’s words.
For the next IWAGUMI layouts, a classic aquascape with Manten Stones (W180cm aquarium tank) and a new type of aquascape with Hakkai Stones (W90cm aquarium tank) are introduced. Both articles explain composition and planting points from the production scenes very well. And there are so much more to see and read in the AJ such as an article that teaches the innermost secret of an IWAGUMI layout which Amano has left us. 
In the latter part of the AJ, we introduce an aquatic plant layout example using new Wabi-Kusa Mat and examples with Neo Glass Air and Wabi-Kusa which are perfect aquarium tanks for summer. Please enjoy your summer with the aquarium tanks with plenty of cool feeling in the AJ Vo.287.

B5-sized, full-colored 24 pages

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