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May this be a fruitful and wonderful year for all of you.

“Learn from Nature, Create Nature.”

Jan 1st, 2019


Early Spring Anthem
Many people may have a strong image of wide plains toward Niigata prefecture, but the prefectural border is rugged mountains. Ginzandaira, which is also the gateway to Oze, is located in a deep mountainous place in the Uonuma area known also as a heavy snowfall region. Therefore, snow will remain in mountain valley even in the middle of May when the plain section is having early summer weather, and it is still like early spring. With the long-awaited arrival of spring, the trees that have endured the long winter start to bud all at once. The color of sprouts ranges from reddish to bright yellow, new green and so on, with the appearance of "Spring-time leaf coloration.” It seems that from the mountains bathed in bright sunshine, you can hear a song that praises Spring.

Mid May, Ginzandaira, Uonuma-shi Niigata Prefecture