The year 2018, which is the last year of Heisei (Japanese traditional era name), was a challenge for ADA. The symbol of such a challenging year is our effort to Nature Aquatic Plants Wall. The basic system of the Nature Aquatic Plants Wall is an extension of the DOOA product (Wabi-Kusa Wall etc.), but we believe that it was a proposal for new ways of enjoying plants including aquatic plants, that combined with the conventional Nature Aquarium hobby. And again, we realize "the power of plants.”

From the world viewpoint, "water" and "green" are actively adopted inside and outside the building mainly in urban areas. We believe the existence of plants in these everyday spaces will be redefined more in the future. In such a trend, ADA hopes to tell much more people the charm of "the world of aquatic plants" that fascinates us.

Also, as digitization progresses rapidly in everyday life, a very analog hobby of aquatic plant layout is being desired by even more people as one of "affluence" to obtain extraordinary healing.
It would be our greatest pleasure if we could keep helping all the people, who seriously enjoy this hobby world in the future.

Thank you very much for your support to ADA and patronage of products this year.
We wish you have a nice New Year's holiday.

2018.12.28 Aqua Design Amano Staffs