Here in Japan, fall is in full swing and it’s a good season to grow aquatic plants. 
The featured image of the month is a newly created Nature Aquarium (W120xD50xH50cm) with fall scenery as a theme, using colorful stem plants.
In “Enjoy DOOA” and “ADA Review,” DOOA System TERRA 30 & AQUA 30 are focused as hot sale products in this fall-winter season. A total of 6 aqua-terrariums, including a new layout and tastefully made examples, are showcased. All the necessary items for easy layout making in TERRA 30 and AQUA 30 are also featured in the article.
A product review of the newly released product, Aqua Soil-Amazonia II, practical tips on how to properly prune Wabi-Kusa and etc., Aqua Journal Vol. 277 is full of useful information on creating Nature Aquarium layouts. 

B5-sized, full-colored 24 pages

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