Nature Aquarium party 2018 Broadcast on YouTube LIVE

The spectacular event, Nature Aquarium Party (NA Party) which the aquarists from all over the world get together will be broadcast on Live from Niigata where is the central place of Nature Aquarium.

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Top winning works of the IAPLC2018 will be finally unveiled to the public, and the contest judges’ and winners comment will be broadcast. Let’s enjoy the party together!

"Nature Aquarium party 2018 broadcast on YouTube LIVE"
October 13, 2018 Start at 13:30 (JST)

Broadcast Schedule
13:30 1st Section Awarding Ceremony

*2nd Section will not be broadcast on live.
*Time schedule and contents may change/cancel without notice.
*Disturbance may occur in the image depending on the condition of the Internet.