The New Green Brighty

ADA’s new liquid fertilizers – the Green Brighty series is launched in mid-February, 2017. With its re-launch, the Green Brighty series presents fertilizers with newly developed formulations. Unlike the conventional Green Brighty where products were grouped by the “step-up” concept and type of aquatic plants (sun/shade plants), the new Green Brighty series products are made based on nutrient content to deliver greater effect. The bottle also has a new look – the new slim square bottle. 

The New Green Brighty Series:

Easier-to-Use Aqua Conditioners

The new Aqua Conditioner series is also launched together with the new Green Brighty series. The new conditioners make the tap water suitable for fish and aquatic plants when refilling the tank. The Aqua Conditioner series comes with a push nozzle for easy application.

The New Aqua Conditioner Series: