Special Feature

“Color Significance of Aquatic Plants
In Nature Aquarium, “choosing a color scheme" is very important when planting aquatic plants.  It is because the balance of the composition and the impression of the aquascape change dramatically depending on how you create color combinations of plants.  In this special feature, we explain important points about effective plant colorations, using some of Nature Aquarium layouts as examples.  The article contains a catalog in which aquatic plants assorted by color.  It will be a good reference for you when selecting plants for a planted aquarium.

Using liquid nutrients is an essential factor, besides light and CO2, to grow healthy, colorful aquatic plants.  The magazine also offers a guide to ADA’s new liquid nutrients and the Aqua Conditioner series, which are scheduled to be launched in mid-February, 2017.

* The print journal is only available in Japanese.
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