Special Feature
“Visiting Nature Aquariums”
The feature article of the latest issue of Aqua Journal is "Visiting Nature Aquariums".  Two of our Aqua Journal editors report their journeys to "Nature Aquarium spots", where you can encounter beautiful Nature Aquariums showcased in public places.  In the article, they visit the Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo Skytree town, a restaurant joint "CAFFÉ & BAR PRONTO" located inside atre Urawa in Saitama, the Nature Aquarium gallery in Niigata and the Oceanário de Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal.

Takashi Amano’s photo exhibition, “BEAUTY OF NATURE”, which is mentioned inside the article, is extended in response to great public reaction.  Please visit the Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo and enjoy Amano’s natural aquascapes and his landscape photography of the Amazon.

The new ad for ADA’s brand new product is running on the back cover of the issue.  Please check it out!

* The print journal is only available in Japanese.
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