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"Origin of Creation" includes not only Takashi Amano's representative photos of
landscapes and aquascapes, but also his autobiography from childhood and the stories
of his latest creation, the world's largest Nature Aquarium at the Oceanário de
Lisboa.  Moreover, you will see Amano’s last photos that he took in Kagoshima city
where he visited for his treatment.  We hope you could feel his "Origin of Creation"
flowing into the basis of Nature Aquarium and ecological photos that Amano had been
It is in an elegant hardcover to be suited for a complete compilation of his works,
and the inside paper texture is designed to be clear to see the photos and texts.  
It could definitely be your permanent collection.

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"Origin of Creation TAKASHI AMANO Biography" (English edition)
Dimensions: 279 x 278 mm
Hardcover: 280 pages
Price: USD55 :

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