“Road to White Mountain” is an exciting new ADA-project organized by SharkBite Communication, which is a team of content-marketing and video production for aquascaping, and ADA Germany. Mr. Thomas Giblin from SharkBite Communication and Mr. Jörg Buhlmann from ADA Germany will take aquascaping fans and followers to a journey to "Road to White Mountain“ The project will start from next Saturday, February 27.

The project consists of three phases:

1. Aquascaping live on livestream! The well-known German Aquascaper Mr. Jurijs Jutjajevs will create an Aquarium landscape from scratch by using ADA 180-P Cube Garden and a complete wide range of ADA products. During the live streaming, all fans will have the opportunity to ask questions on live about ADA-products, plants, sand and technique.


Broadcast on:
Feb 27, 2016 (Sat) at 8:00 AM (CET) AND 6:00 PM (CET)

2. Then the created ADA 180-P Cube Garden tank will be carefully maintained. The followers will have the opportunity to watch the Aquarium as it develops and how ADA products are used to ensure the best maintenance.

3 “Road to White Mountain” team will go on a trip to Japan and celebrate the art of Aquascaping including a visit to the NA gallery at ADA headquarters in Niigata. Of course they will report you every single detail of the trip!

Anyone can easily join this project for the purpose of having a better understanding of aquascaping to enjoy. Join us for the “Road to White Mountain”!

SharkBite Communication