NATURE IN THE GLASS – Garden under the Blue Sky – Part 1

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A random Iwagumi aquascape expressing intensity and perspective with seven Manten Stones

For anyone who has ever tried Iwagumi layouts might understand that structures of classic Iwagumi layouts are rather simple, but if a theme is unclear, it is difficult to show a personality. The Iwagumi layout in a W180cm aquarium tank using Manten Stones was created under the theme of expressing intensity and perspective using stones as few as possible. In the teaching of Master Amano, when arranging stones, it is important to eliminate artificiality while expressing intensity or a flow of water. To do so, it is necessary to learn a lot of things from nature. Arranging stones for me is my lifelong learning theme.
Shooting date: January 23rd, 2019(ADA)
Creator: Yusuke Homma
Aquarium: Cube Garden W180×D60×H60(cm)
Lighting: Solar RGB x 3, turned on for 8.5 hours per day
Filter: Super Jet Filter ES-2400(Bio Rio L)
Material: Manten Stone
Substrate: Aqua Soil – Amazonia II, Power Sand Advance L, Bacter 100, Clear Super, Tourmaline BC
CO2: 5 bubbles per second via Pollen Glass Beetle 50Ø (using Tower)
Aeration: 15.5 hours after the light is turned off using Lily Pipe P-6
Additives: Brighty K, Green Brighty Mineral, Green Brighty Iron, Green Brighty Nitrogen
Water change: 1/3 once a week
Water quality: Temperature: 25ºC; pH: 6.6; TH: 20 mg/l

BIO Mizukusa No Mori Echinodorus tenellus var. broad leaf
BIO Mizukusa No Mori Eleocharis acicularis
BIO Mizukusa No Mori Glossostigma elatinoides
Echinodorus angustifolius
Taxiphyllum barbieri (Moss Bag)

Hyphessobrycon sweglesi
Crossocheilus oblongus
Otocinclus sp.
Caridina multidentata
An aquascape with the extent of space
With cleverly arranging stones and planting, it was possible to give the extent of space to the aquascape. Red color of Hyphessobrycon sweglesi looks vibrant on the green grass.

A planting technique to enhance Iwagumi and space by using aquatic plants properly

Expressing perspective by placing a smaller stone behind a larger stone in the front.
Expressing perspective by arranging stones and planting
To express perspective, place a relatively small stone behind the main stone. By planting some Eleocharis acicularis around the base of this small stone, the stone becomes blurry and looks as if it is far. The perspective of the stone arrangement is emphasized even more.
Adjust with the height of aquatic plants
Eleocharis acicularis is planted as a main for the back of the layout, but not to make it dull, by planting Echinodorus angustifolius behind the main stone and another stone in the left back, I was able to make some change.
Use stones larger than pebbles for expressing the scree.
Planting in the scree part
For the scree part which was created under the relatively large stone, plant some Glossostigma elatinoides mixed with Eleocharis acicularis to make those stones slightly visible when the undergrowth are fully grown.
BIO Mizukusa No Mori Eleocharis acicularis
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