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This time, the layout is produced by combining a Stemmed plants MIX, a Karen, and three Hydrocotyle verticillata in a Neoglass Air W30×D18×H12 (㎝). Wabi-Kusa grows very fast, and it is a good idea to extend it for a long time to appreciate its liberating appearance. Thriving Ludwigia and  Hydrocotyle verticillata tend to become dominant species, covering other aquatic plants and narrowing medaka’s swimming area. Pogostemon erectus produces many flower buds one after another, but uses energy for the flowers and gradually weakens the grass. Now what kind of maintenance is necessary to protect this small waterside? Well, regardless of the size of aquarium, it is important to think about the health and the interrelationship of each plant and make adjustments to balance it for a long time. The layout of Wabi-Kusa is simple but a deep hobby.

DOOA Neo Glass Air
W30 × D18 × H12 (cm)

DOOA Tropical River Soil

Wabi-Kusa Stemmed Plants MIX
Wabi-Kusa Karen
Wabi-Kusa Hydrocotyle verticillata

Miyuki Medaka

Creator / Kota Iwahori