Enjoy DOOA ‘Aqua Terrarium feeling cool from the combination of greenery and stones’

Daichi Araki Daichi Araki 
Dripping Green】This is a layout created while imagining a scene where many types of plants grow around a small waterfall with a little of water. Because of the little amount of water, plants grow even in a place where the water runs through. To express such scenery, I used Terra Tape as imagining dripping water and attached plants there. By mixing Utricularia graminifolia, Riccia and Hydrocotyle with moss, the natural feeling is enhanced. And by planting Acorus gramineus right by the stone, I was able to add a Japanese element. I also chose Oryzias from Japan. I think that the layout provides a cool feeling with the placements of green and the texture of Ryuoh Stone.

DOOA Sol Stand G
DOOA Sol Stand G mounting piece
DOOA System Terra 30  W30 x D30 x H40 (cm)
DOOA Mistflow
DOOA Mistflow Cap
DOOA COSystem Kit
DOOA  Mini Counter
DOOA  Mini Diffuser J φ10
NA Thermometer J-05WH
System Stand 35 (Black)
Power Cord S-70
Ryuoh Stone
DOOA Tropical River Sand
DOOA Tropical River Soil
DOOA Wabi Kusa Mist

BIO Riccia fluitans
BIO Utricularia graminifolia
BIO Hydrocotyle tripartita
BIO Eleocharis acicularis
Wabi-Kusa Mat Vesicularia montagnei
Wabi-Kusa Mat Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Peacock Moss’

Oryzias sakaizumii
Caridina multidentata

Photo shot on June 12th, 2020
Creator/ Daichi Araki


Scenery filled with cool sensations where a small unknown waterfall and a rocky place with greenery are located

Inspiration from scenery
Encountering a small unknown waterfall in a mountain. The water was dripping all over the rocky area, and various plants were growing.
Photo / Late May, 2010
Minami Uonuma City, Niigata (Takashi Amano)
①Adding a special touch near the stone
To create a Japanese style and pleasant feeling, I made a planting space with Tropical River Soil right by the stone and planted Acorus gramineus and Eleocharis acicularis.

Expressing dripping water with Terra Tape
It is difficult to make the water drip on the stone surface as intended, but if placing Terra Tape while thinking about how the water travels, it is possible to express the way you want.
Because the Terra Tape draws plenty of water in, plants grow well even on the stone surface.
②Create a natural feeling by mixing plants
For moss attached on the stone, I peeled off Wabi-Kusa Mat Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Peacock Moss’ and used. In order to create a natural feeling even more, I added a mixture of Utricularia graminifolia and Riccia. By mixing moss with other aquatic plants, even non-epiphytic plants can be utilized, and I was able to make changes in the expression.

③Expression learned from nature
I used a type of Hydrocotyle with a distinctive shape of leaves and expressed plants in rocky areas where the natural water drips.
Photo / Late July, 2011
Honna Muroya Sen, Aga Town, Niigata (Takashi Amano)