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Wabi-Kusa, which is one of ADA’s main living-products, offers versatility for various production scenes from mini aquarium to huge Nature Aquarium at an aquarium. Wabi-Kusa is in season growing healthily in ADA’s greenhouse. In this article, we would love to share lots of information, including the charm of Wabi-Kusa and how to enjoy Wabi-Kusa in Neo Glass Air.
Neo Glass Air W20×D20×H8(cm)
Tropical River Sand
Wabi-Kusa Stem Plants MIX 9Ø

Characteristics of Wabi-Kusa

When you grow aquatic plants, it might be hard to get hold of it for beginners because it takes time to plant and requires techniques to make aquatic plants grow densely. However, Wabi-Kusa makes it easy for anyone to enjoy growing aquatic plants even if you don’t know such tips.
Recommendation POINT 1
“High Growth Density”
Aquatic plants are planted at high density on the palm-sized base of Wabi-Kusa. It is great value, and you can enjoy fully grown aquatic plants even from the beginning of the layout.
Recommendation POINT 2
“Fast growing”

Because of the healthy rooting, the growing speed is fast for both submerged leaves and emersed leaves. Because the characteristics, such as growing speed and direction quickly become visible, it is also ideal for learning how to grow aquatic plants.
Recommendation POINT 3
“Not damaging roots”
When turning over a Wabi-Kusa, you can see that healthy roots of aquatic plants are developing. Because many roots are wrapped in the base, you can plant it without damaging the roots unlike general planting.

Easy Layout Pictorial Book

Wabi-Kusa enables us to enjoy aquatic plants more easily. You want to try using Wabi-Kusa, but you feel that it might be too difficult for you to create a layout…. How can you enjoy planted aquariums? We will introduce various ways to enjoy Wabi-Kusa focusing on Neo Glass Air.


Wabi-Kusa Stem Plants MIX 9Ø
Tropical River Sand


Wabi-Kusa Echinodorus MIX 9Ø
Yamaya Stone
Tropical River Soil


Wabi-Kusa Stem Plants MIX 9Ø
Wabi-Kusa Hanger S
Tropical River Sand


Wabi-Kusa Lagenandra MIX 9Ø
Horn Wood
Tropical River Soil


Wabi-Kusa Echinodorus MIX 9Ø
Wabi-Kusa Hanger M
Tropical River Sand


Wabi-Kusa Cryptocoryne MIX 9Ø
Tropical River Soil


Wabi-Kusa Moss Base 9Ø
Aqua Soil – Amazonia ver.2


Wabi-Kusa Stem Plants MIX 9Ø
Wabi-Kusa Hanger L
Branch Wood
Tropical River Sand
When placing Wabi-Kusa on the soil, make sure to bury the Wabi-Kusa about 1cm into the soil. By doing so, it makes it easier for roots to expand into the soil.

Although it looks great to display Wabi-Kusa simply by itself, a sense of naturalness and artistry will be created if you incorporate composition materials. Well-branched driftwood and expressive stones will inspire your creativity, and you’ll enjoy creating the layout.

Wabi-Kusa Hanger S, M, L
“Wabi-Kusa Hanger”, which is an item for enjoying Aqua Terrarium freely, comes in three different sizes. By hanging a Wabi-Kusa on the Wabi-Kusa Hanger, the roots cascading from the Wabi-Kusa can be observed, and when having Bettas or Japanese Rice Fish, it can become a hideout or a spawning bed for the fish.

By submerging aquatic plants plated on Wabi-Kusa in the water, they will develop into charming soft submerged leaves. For growing submerged plants, Moss Base is recommended because you don’t need to add CO2.