ADA Review ‘Items to master small aquarium’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal

ADA’s High-end Mini Goods

Really hoping to have fun with beautiful Nature Aquarium even in a small aquarium tank! For high-end users who pursue ultimate ways to enjoy aquatic plants, we will introduce glassware and tools developed for small aquarium tanks to make the maintenance easy. Let’s master small aquarium with ADA original goods.
■ DOOA Sol Stand RGB 
Because the height and horizontal angle of the lighting unit can be adjusted, it has a nice design to make fine adjustments of illuminance possible for mini aquarium tanks that are severe for lighting conditions.
■ Pollen Glass Mini
Pollen Glass designed for small aquarium tanks doesn’t require suction cups. While minimizing the occupied space, it helps the plumbing look beautiful.
■ Lily Pipe Mini P-1
■ Lily Pipe Spin P-1
It is designed to create an enough water flow for a small aquarium tank. Depending on the species of fish and aquatic plants that prefer water flow, use Lily Pipe Mini and Lily Pipe Spin properly.
■ Lily Pipe Mini V-1
■ Lily Pipe Mini V-2
If Lily Pipe Mini V-2 cannot be installed when layout materials and aquatic plant hinder, we recommend that you use Lily Pipe Mini V-1 that has an inflow slit at a higher position.
■ DOOA Protector F
It prevents fish from jumping out of an aquarium tank prone to occur with small aquarium tanks. The full length is 28.5cm. When you wish to use it shorter than that, cut it accordingly.
■ Pro Razor Mini
It is a smaller version of Pro Razor. Because you can work without putting your hand in an aquarium tank, there is no need to worry about spilling water prone to occur with small aquarium tanks when scraping the glass surface.
Curve type
■ Pro Scissors Spring
There isn’t enough space even to open your hand depending on the composition in a small aquarium tank. Use a pair of spring type scissors that enables you to do trimming with minimal movements.
■ Pro Pinsettes XL
When it’s hard for you to put your hand in an aquarium tank, use Pro Pinsettes XL for the maintenance. A normal type with fine tips is recommended because it is suitable for planting precisely in a tight space.
■ Pro Scissors Nude
Because Pro Scissors Nude can fit into a tight space with their unique curved handles and curved blades, they are suitable for maintaining small aquarium tanks that you might find it difficult to put your hand into.