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ADA Small Aquarium Set for Beginners

How to enjoy small aquarium is varied from beginners who are just starting it as something therapeutic, to enthusiasts for beautiful small fish and experts who are pursuing planted aquarium. Because of the small size, it has to be stylish. However, if you coordinate everything with ADA products, it will look stylishly put-together. Why don’t you start a small aquarium with the latest full system?
This is an example of necessary items to start a W36cm aquarium. Because the size of the small aquarium set is compact without taking up space, the standards are easier to try out.  Please use it as a reference when purchasing at a shop.

Let’s neatly put the system together.

In order to bring out the beauty of aquascapes, it is necessary to use Nature Aquarium goods properly and neatly. By neatly putting CO2 plumbing and lighting wires together, not only it prevents troubles from happening, but also it helps with the maintenance, and more than anything, it looks so much more beautiful.
By putting a cord through a suction cup and having the cord run along the aquarium, risks for getting caught will be reduced, and safety and usability will be improved too.
When giving priority to aesthetics, a hose should be straight-line and set to the minimum length. If you would like to improve maintainability, by giving some extra length to spare, both inflow and outflow pipes that are already connected will be easier to handle like shown in the photo.
*NA Control Timer Ⅱ is fixed with double sided tape.
By combining Elbow Union with Joint Stick, plumbing can be done neatly. They cause less deterioration than resistant tubes, and you can continue to use them safely.