DOOA TERRA BASE ‘Enjoy the natural appearance of plants with a sense of eternity created by moss’

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Fascinating flowers of epiphytic orchids

Small epiphytic orchids grown on trees of the lush, dense forest where no one has made a path. They don’t like extreme environment changes, but slowly grow stems and bloom their distinctive flowers. They show you a strong, robust appearance of plants that survived through natural selection.

Terra Base S Ø10×H16 (cm)

Lepanthes calodictyon
A small, but very attractive epiphytic orchid having tiny flowers of about 2mm and ruffled-edged leaves with a reticulated pattern.
Anubias barteri var. nana ‘Petite’
As long as their roots are kept from drying out, they will slowly grow large and lush even above the water as time progresses. Anubias from the BIO Mizukusa-no-Mori series.


Terra Base M Ø10×H23 (cm)

Dinema polybulbon
One of the more popular species of small epiphytic orchids. Two leaves are formed at the tip of the bulb, and a flower bud develops between them. You can enjoy its flowers for about a month.
Pleurothallis mystax
Beautiful contrast of white and purple is quite eye-catching. In the natural habitat, it grows under dim light conditions, but you can enjoy the flowers under the illumination light when growing it indoors.


Terra Base L Ø11.6×H28 (cm)

Barbosella handroi
I don’t know when this orchid normally blooms, but it developed flower buds in early May. It grew on the surface of Terra Base, and intertwined with moss.
Lepanthes saltatrix
Its flowers closely resemble the reproductive organs of the female black fly in order to attract pollinating insects. It is also fun to learn about how plant morphology has evolved over a long time.