It has come to our attention that counterfeit Aqua Soil - Amazonia products with ADA’s old logo design are still widely sold around the world. ADA’s original logo was replaced with the current logo design in 2010. Although the packaging design of Aqua Soil - Amazonia has also changed several times since 2010, the current packaging design (please see below) has been in circulation since 2019. One of the counterfeit products, for example, has following distinguishing characteristics:

●Imitating ADA’s old Amazonia packaging that has not been produced over 10 years.
①  Use of incorrect font style
②  Use of the word “NATURE AQUARIUM GOODS”, which is no longer printed on our current packaging.
③  No portrait photography of Takashi Amano is printed on the back of the fake product.
④  Soil form and texture are different

We advise our customers to be alert to counterfeit products, and hope those who have been using our products will continue to enjoy Nature Aquarium, using ADA’s genuine Aqua Soil - Amazonia and Amazonia Ver.2.

Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd.