New sizes will be added to DOOA Terra Base. Ceramic Terra Base can be enjoyed by attaching mosses and epiphytes 
The lineup includes L size one size larger than DOOA Terra Base M size and S size shorter than the Terra Base M size. The way small orchids or ferns grow on a trunk of a tree in tropical cloud forests can be easily enjoyed. 

2 sizes of Neo Glass Air suitable for the new Terra Bases will be released too. Terra Base S and Terra Base L fit perfectly to the new Neo Glass Airs. Also, DOOA Neo Glass Air Glass Cover 30x30cm to be put perfectly on the Neo Glass Air 30x30x45(cm) will be released. Apart from putting a Terra Base in a Neo Glass Air, they can be enjoyed by creating Paludarium or growing fish and aquatic plants with water in them.

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■DOOA Neo Glass Air Glass Cover – Product Information