Power Cord S-70 is a smart power strip with built-in timer function suitable for Nature Aquarium, Aqua Terrarium and Paludarium (maximum capacity less than 1,500W). It has 4 individually switched electrical outlets (100V) and 4 UBS ports (Type-A) that are controlled together. The timer function can be programed using an app downloaded on your smartphone. 70 programs (routines) can be scheduled, and it enables you to manage your aquariums more efficiently. By using the optional metal cover case which prevents water from getting into the power outlets, Power Cord S-70 can be safely used around aquarium tanks. Upgrade your aquarium system with Power Cord S-70.

※Download the dedicated app to a compatible smartphone to control timer functions. Wi-Fi is require. 

Technical Specifications 
Input: 100-125V 50/60Hz 15A
AC Outlet side: Maximum load of single AC: 10A
Maximum load of 4AC 15A

Power Cord S-70: W28×D4.5×H3cm (Except the cord)
Metal cover case: W29×D6×H11㎝

Length of the cord: 1.8m
Wi-Fi Standard: IEEE802.11b/g, 2.4GHz
Operating Environment:
・iOS9 or Android 4.1 or later
・2.4GHZ Wi-Fi network​

Power Cord S-70

Power Cord S-70 + Metal cover case

Product in Use

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