Thank you very much for using ADA's AQUASKY Series products.

The AQUASKY Series uses a stand made of acrylic plastic.  Acrylic plastic has general characteristics that may cause cracks on its surface when solvents are applied.
Because of this, we state in our user's instruction manual, "Do NOT apply hot water of 40℃ or above, alcohol, paint thinner or benzene.  It can cause deterioration or deformation of the product."

This includes commercial products containing alcohol such as wet wipes.  Also, adipate ester, a kind of alcohol, is used as plasticizer in plastic food wrap (saran wrap).  Wiping the stand with wet wipe, or wrapping it tightly with saran wrap may cause cracks to appear on its surface.  When you are cleaning or storing your AQUASKY lighting system, please do not use these products with the stand.  Please do not use solvents containing alcohol or paint thinner directly on the stand or anywhere near it.

ADA is not liable for cracked or deformed stands due to their improper use, including but not limited to the use with products containing solvents, such as alcohol, and placing the stand in direct sunlight.  Thank you for your understanding.

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