The feature article showcases an aquarium layout in a W90cm tank, titled “An Aquatic View Colorfully Decorated with Flora and Fauna.” Using plenty of brilliantly colorful stem plants and carpet plants, this layout is something that reminds us of the Nature Aquarium basics. The useful article contains tips on planting and maintenance of these plants. 

ADA Review focuses on the latest Nature Aquatic Plant Wall, which was newly created for an exhibition, “Tohoku Orchid Show & Garden Festa 2019,” recently held in Miyagi, Japan. The wall attracted a great deal of attention from visitors with the dynamic composition created with driftwood and Unzan Stones, and the wall section where orchids and various types of jungle plants are arranged. Let’s look at the evolving style of the Nature Aquatic Plant Wall!

The magazine also introduces new aquascapes, including an Iwagumi layout in a W60cm tank and an open-style driftwood layout in System Aqua 30. Aqua Journal Vol. 281 is full of useful information about ADA products and Nature Aquarium layouts.

B5-sized, full-colored 24 pages

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*AQUA JOURNAL (Online Edition / English): New articles will be uploaded to ADA website weekly on Friday.