Special Feature

“Our dearest 60cm aquarium”
In AQUA JOURNAL Vol.259, new layouts in W60cm-size aquariums equipped with new Nature Aquarium products such as AQUA SOIL AMAZONIA LIGHT and AQUASKY G 602 will be featured.

This month’s issue is full of helpful tips to create beautiful layouts for W60cm-size aquariums, including a new substrate method using GREEN BRIGHTY NITROGEN in order to boost nitrogen levels in the soil, water change method with the new AQUA CONDITIONER SERIES and more.
The overhead photos of layouts planted with “BIO Mizukusa no Mori” will be shown, and you can see how the aquatic plants are planted in the aquarium. 
In addition, a complete layout of a W60cm-size aquarium which was introduced on AQUA JOURNAL Vol.256 will be featured and some good layouts examples for W60cm-size aquariums are given.

AQUA JOURNAL Vol.259 is recommended to those who are about to start Nature Aquarium or are interested in how to use new ADA products. 

* The print journal is only available in Japanese.
* Visit ADA Online Bookstore to order your copy.