To IAPLC Contestants,

 Thank you for your entry to the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2015.  The world rankings and winning works have been presented to public in several publications - Aqua Journal and sponsoring magazines, and through internet. The photos of winning works might be featured and shown in other magazines, newspapers and online articles across the globe, later on.
 As stated in IAPLC’s rules and guidelines, the copyright of IAPLC entries belongs to Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd.  Use of any entry work on publications and/or internet without consent of Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd. is strictly prohibited.  Any simultaneous submission of identical work, whether an identical or different photo cut, to other contests except ADA-authorized contests is not accepted.
  Entry that violates the copyright is subject to disqualification, and we will take firm steps including necessary legal action against intentional and/or malicious violations of the copyright.

 The contest booklet, “The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2015”, is soon to be published in early November.  The IAPLC will continue receiving entries in the next year – and after.  
 We will appreciate your fair and considered entry according to the contest rules and guidelines.

▼IAPLC Winning Works 2015

Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd.
The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest Steering Committee