Special Feature
“They are THE world’s TOP 7!!”
The renewed Aqua Journal now comes with all in color pages. The AJ vol. 241 features “They are THE world’s TOP 7!!” to introduce the 7 aquascapers who won the Gran Prix to the Bronze Prizes in IAPLC 2015. How were those top layouts created to be recognized by the international judges? What were their passions put into those works? The top winners commented in their interviews. Furthermore, all the Best Aquarium selected by the IAPLC judges are introduced with their comments. Take this journal for your reference to be ready for next year’s contest. AND...don’t forget about the IAPLC booklet which will be published in November!

In this issue, a report from “farewell ceremony for Mr. Amano” held the other day is also available for you to see. We deeply appreciate for so many people attended, and we hope this issue would be memorable for those who could not attend the ceremony on that day.

* The print journal is only available in Japanese.
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