The Terra Base Flow Pipe, which supplies water to the inside of the Terra Base, is now available. Originally, the Terra Base was designed to grow plants by wrapping them around it and filling the inside with water, allowing irrigation through osmotic pressure. By connecting the Terra Base Flow Pipe to a Stream Pump Mini, water can be supplied and circulated within the Terra Base, which expands the variety of plants you can grow. The exisiting method was not suitable for some kinds of moss and rooting plants like anubias because of their weakness to dryness. However, the product not only solves the water shortage issue but also adds a dynamic visual effect with water droplets trickling down the plants around it, allowing for the enjoyment of not just plants but now water movement too. Enjoy the new way to grow plants using the Terra Base Flow Pipe!

* The image above is an usage example of the product. Other products including Terra Base, Stream Pump Mini, aqualium, plants are optional.

■Terra Base Flow Pipe – Product Information