NATURE IN THE GLASS ‘Shine in the Sunlight’

Yusuke HommaYusuke Homma

Natural Habitat of Echinodorus seen in the Amazon created in a flat aquarium tank

To me, Echinodorus has an impression that they vigorously develop large shiny leaves under strong sunshine. In fact, when I visited the Amazon with Amano for photoshooting, we encountered Echinodorus in a place likely to be flooded in the rainy season growing with Eleocharis acicularis and Polygonum under the scorching sun. I expressed such a scene in a new W60cm size flat aquarium tank as a sample. At the time of the photoshooting, Echinodorus was still very small, but I’m expecting that it would grow large as we welcome summer.
Shooting date: July 17th, 2020(ADA)
Creator: Yusuke Homma
Aquarium: Cube Garden W60×D30×H25(cm) *Prototype sample
Lighting: Solar RGB x 1, turned on for 8.5 hours per day
Filter: Super Jet Filter ES-150
Substrate: Aqua Soil – Amazonia Ver.2, Power Sand Advance L, Bacter100, Clear Super, Tourmaline BC
CO2: Pollen Glass TYPE-3, 2 bubbles per second by CO2 Bubble Counter (using Tower)
Aeration: 15.5 hours after the light is turned off using Lily Pipe Mini P
Additives: Brighty K, Green Brighty Mineral, Green Brighty Iron, Bottom Plus
Water change: 1/3 once a week
Water quality: Temperature: 25ºC; pH: 6.2; TH: 20 mg/l

BIO Mizukusa no Mori Eleocharis acicularis
BIO Mizukusa no Mori Ludwigia repens ‘Super red’
BIO Mizukusa no Mori Myriophyllum sp. ‘Guyana’
BIO Mizukusa no Mori Tonina fluviatilis
BIO Mizukusa no Mori Eleocharis vivipara
BIO Mizukusa no Mori Vesicularia montagnei
Wabi Kusa Hydrocotyle sp.
Jungle Plant Echinodorus ‘Arjuna’
Echinodorus ‘Junglester NO1’
Polygonum sp. ‘Pink’
Eriocaulon sp.
Schoenoplectiella lineolata
Marsilea quadrifolia
Sagittaria graminea
Murdannia sp.
Phyllanthus fluitans
Thuidium recognitum

Poecilia wingei
Crossocheilus oblongus
Otocinclus sp.
Caridina multidentata
Layout for enjoying waterside
With this layout with driftwood and plants extended above water, even emersed leaves and flowers of aquatic plants seen at the waterside can be enjoyed. Poecilia wingei swimming near the water surface suit well with the waterside expression.
Solar RGB
Solar RGB Arm Stand
Cube Garden W60×D30×H25 (cm)
Metal Cabinet 60 (Silver)
Super Jet Filter ES-150
Pollen Glass TYPE-3
CO2 Bubble Counter
Prototype flat aquarium tank system
New size prototype of W60cm flat aquarium tank is used for this layout (Release date to be decided). By combining it with Solar RGB and Metal Cabinet 60, both emersed and submerged leaves can be enjoyed.