Looking back at the Nature Aquarium Party 2018

Looking back at the Nature Aquarium Party 2018

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal

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Nature Aquarium Party is the event where the world’s top planted aquarium hobbyists get together. This year was held again in Niigata where ADA headquarters is located on the 2 days schedule of 13th and 14th October. On the first day, presentations of top works and prize award ceremonies and a celebration of the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2018, which received 1,977 works from 68 countries and areas of the world, were held at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Niigata. Every time the top work was presented on a screen of the venue, the voice of delight was rising with a big applause and the inside of the hall was filled with excitement.

The work of Mr. Handa of Japan who received this year’s Grand Prix, is certainly selected in the process of reassessment of juries for orthodox Nature Aquarium layout style, and it can be considered the swing-over from the diorama-style work which prevailed in recent years of the contests.  Even among many meticulously created works of the contestant, we strongly felt something like a belief of Mr. Handa toward the planted aquarium from his work. This is also found in Mr. Mitsuo Yamasaki’s commentary for Mr. Handa’s work, “the creator has a rich sense of humanity, an excellent, authentic Nature Aquarium style layout.”

On the second day, in addition to the tour of the huge Nature Aquarium (4 m aquarium) left by Takashi Amano, many events were conducted at the NA Gallery, including ADA aquascape creator’s commentary on water scenes, VR content experiences, new product introductions, as well as not-yet-sold aquatic and jungle plants spot sale event, “Plants Bazaar.” During the lunch time, hand-made dishes of the ADA staff were served to the guests and it seems the participants had a pleasant time in this 2-day event. We sincerely wish that many more works and wonderful hobbyists from all over the world will gather at ADA next year.


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※ The annual Nature Aquarium/Party is an event that anyone interested in the aquatic plants can participate. Please do not hesitate to join us.