Mizukusa FOCUS ‘Wabi-Kusa Lagenandra MIX’

Mizukusa FOCUS ‘Wabi-Kusa Lagenandra MIX’

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal

  • Lagenandra is an aquatic plant belonging to the taro family growing wild in Sri Lanka, North East India, and South West India. They grow well in a warm and humid environment, and its beautiful leaves can be seen both above and under water. This summer, Wabi-Kusa containing mainly Lagenandra will be newly released. The main plants are a few kinds of Lagenandra growing wild in South West India. Although only 2 types of Wabi-Kusa Lagenandra are available as of now, more types of Lagenandra will be added in near future. Besides Lagenandra, Eleocharis acicularis, Utricularia reticulata and moss are used for the base. It helps recreate an atmosphere of waterside in the Indian Peninsula which is the natural habitat of Lagenandra. When growing Lagenandra, use Aqua Soil Amazonia II, and emerged or immersed cultivation methods are recommended. The best time to see them is when 2 types of undergrowth grow and spread out. The new Wabi-Kusa Lagenandra MIX is a combination of aquatic plants growing vigorously even in a low light environment. Please give it a try.