Mizukusa FOCUS “Upgrading Wabi-Kusa”

Mizukusa FOCUS “Upgrading Wabi-Kusa”

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
Anyone can easily grow aquatic plants with Wabi-Kusa. You can easily enjoy the growth of aquatic plants in emerged or submerged form. To further refine its ease of use, ADA is now making various trials.

Anyone can enjoy aquatic plants without failure with Wabi-Kusa. While maintaining its ease, we are currently trying to improve it to make it easier to use. The main part of improvement is the base part of aquatic plants. Due to the nature of Wabi-Kusa, the base is required to have good rooting medium and moderate water retention. In addition, it is necessary to stay under the water and to be able to supply various nutrients little by little. At present, plant materials are used for the base, so when used in an aquarium tank with a small amount of water, there is a drawback that the coloring of water becomes a problem. In order to reduce the frequency of water change in a small water tank such as Neo Glass Air, we are trying to search a material without a chance of coloring the water. Wabi-Kusa firmly spread roots in the substrate, quickly adapt to the underwater condition, and make a dense bush just by putting in the aquarium. While maintaining those advantages, we repeat the test aiming for a better product.
Stem Plants MIX with improved base
Germination and rooting are both good, and the volume after growth is no different from the current product. When the stem plants have grown and trimming is done to observe the progress, new shoots come out firmly from the cut stem. The small sprouts grown under large leaves also grow larger, so the density is also improved and the finish is more beautiful. The use of highly water-permeable materials requires more work on the base structure and different growth way.
Rooting beneath the base material
This shows another experimental Wabi-Kusa, and its plants are firmly rooting on the base. The material used this time was soft and coarse-grained, so it is thought that the roots were stretched without stress. Some type of plants had thick and strong roots that we had never seen before. We also observed their stems and leaves grow well, as they can absorb enough nutrients from the roots. We continue the research to provide nutrition stably to the plants.