Mizukusa FOCUS “Peacock Moss and Christmas Moss”

Mizukusa FOCUS “Peacock Moss and Christmas Moss”

Editors of Aqua JournalEditors of Aqua Journal
Several types of mosses are available in the Wabi-Kusa Mat product line. Peacock Moss(Taxiphyllum sp. ‘Peacock Moss’) and Christmas Moss(Vesicularia montagnei) are particularly recommended among them. This article introduces these two types of mosses.

Moss is must-plants for rendering a natural feel in Nature Aquarium and Aqua Terrarium layouts. There are many types of aquatic mosses, and their shapes and characteristics are different depending on their type. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at Peacock Moss and Christmas Moss. Since they grow easily and attractively both submerged and emerged condition, they are very useful for creating a beautiful aquascape.
“An emersed-grown leaf of Peacock Moss”
Peacock Moss grows densely without getting long or branching very much when grown emersed. When grown vertically in System Terra 30 or on a Wabi-Kusa Wall, it tends to spread horizontally and produce a voluminous light green wall.
“An emersed-grown leaf of a Christmas Moss”
The moss develops translucent green leaves when grown emersed. Emersed grown leaves of this moss are also not as long as its submersed counterpart and does not branch out much, either. The tip of the leaf is somewhat round and thicker than other mosses. The moss becomes denser over time and adds a bright green hue to a layout.
“A submersed leaf of Peacock Moss”
Submersed Peacock moss grows large by branching unlike emerged one. A fully developed leaf has a triangular shape. The moss spreads by developing layers of leaves. Since it does not attach itself to a layout material as well as other mosses do, Riccia Line should be used to attach it to a stone or driftwood.
“A submersed leaf of a Christmas Moss”
As the name indicates, this moss develops leaves shaped like a Christmas tree. The small emersed-grown leaves will branch out and spread rather quickly underwater. Since the moss attaches firmly to an object, it can be secured to driftwood and stones using Moss Cotton.

Although many mosses look the same at a glance, their colors and growth forms vary quite a bit depending on their type. The impression of a complete layout can be altered by changing the types of moss grown on driftwood and stones. We recommend that you try to use these two mosses when you create a new layout.